Friday, April 30, 2010

The whole bottom section of the picture was cut and glued on a piece of foam core to add more depth to the scene..this will later be glued on the print itself...more work to follow!

Snow banks have started being added here and there...

The big tree by the barn has been added once for now.

To the right was added another full tree,the another,eliminating some branches,to add some depth.

April Update on Paper Tole

Here's what has been added since the last post:

-a barn roof with the holes cut off

-the barn boards underneath the big roof

-another roof was added on top of this(again with the holes cut off)

-the side & front of the shed. (on the side of the barn) with one roof

-the black boards in the windows...then the shed barn boards

-then the windows & door frames

-another roof was glued again