Friday, January 22, 2010

The Art of Paper Tole...continuing...

I start with what is the farthest...ex...the mountains.I cut them with tools..then glue with clear silicone.Here , I did the mountains and some of the small trees that are further away.(sometimes I have to improvise and create pieces ).The trees are cut into many small pieces and each is feathered with small scissors and glued one by one,beginning at the bottom working up or vice-versa.

The Art of Paper Tole

This is the paper tole project that I'm currently working on.

I need at least 10-15 prints. The first print is drymounted on foamcore.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I started painting 13 years ago and have not stopped since.This passion stems from my love of
the great outdoors and the many years spent
photographing nature in all it's glory!I deeply
feel that nature's endless beauty simply INSPIRES! I paint in acrylics,but in the last few
years now, I paint also in oils and mostly in pastels. I'm a realistic painter and work from my favorite photographs!I do commission work from time to time.I'm also a great fan of paper tole and
have been engaged in this art for as many years!