Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last Update on the Winter Scene

Finally, after all the work was finished,I put on snow just about everywhere: I put on little globs of silicone here and there,immediately adding snow on top before the silicone could dry. The snow had to be put on just a bit at a time (it took about two hours). The snow is made from crushed glass, so one has to be careful. This is the final outcome:the final piece of the art of paper tole!

More Paper Tole

Here, you will find the rocks on the left of the scene with all the many pieces put one on top of the other,giving it more depth.

More June Update

Next came the wagon with the boards...the seat..the wheels..and snow around it. I also made changes to the mailbox..then more snow!!

June Update

I put more work on the fence: uprighted the posts more...the glued wire from post to post(the

wire is actually a strong polyester thread ). I then added snow on each post.